About the Artist

In case we haven't met yet, I'm an artist living in Florence, Alabama with my husband, Dale and our cat, Callie. We have a blended family of adult kids and seven grandchildren.

A story I love to tell is when my mother noticed I preferred drawing in the dust on the back of the piano more than playing it, she signed me up for art lessons at age 9. I've enjoyed dabbling in art most of my life but discovered a love for painting when taking a color theory class from Bill Nance (deceased) at Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, Alabama. This is where I learned to see colors and how to mix paint to achieve the color I was looking for instead of creating "mud"!

In a move from Huntsville to Birmingham in 2015 my husband encouraged me to use a spare bedroom for a place to paint. I've become more and more committed to my art since that time, participating in regional juried art shows and have work hanging in galleries.

For decades I discounted my life as an artist because I had not yet found my "voice" and artistic style. It has taken courage to continue showing up at the easel and trust that small voice within me that so loves to paint. A mentor said recently that although our artwork evolves and may not look quite like earlier pieces, there is a "family resemblance" that shows up through different seasons and collections in our body of work. It has been in my most recent "Pop of Color" series that I have experienced a sense of my own creative "voice" which is quite stylistic. It is a culmination of all the skills I have learned by studying and learning from other artists and transforming these skills into an expression from my own heart.

My approach to teaching is artist led, cultivating the skills necessary to accomplish the goals or vision of the student artist by pursuing what is interesting to them. While I demonstrate techniques that work for me, my desire is to help you as the artist paint like you and develop your own creative voice rather than trying to paint like me.

When I die, I hope to have a smudge of paint on my face or hands so my Creator will know just how much fun I've had playing with His colors here on earth!