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Ann Cohen Paints

I Remember It Like This

I Remember It Like This

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“I Remember It Like This” 

This painting is of a bouquet of flowers my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day.

So often when we look back on an experience in our memory, it’s not an exact recreation, but a version of it that brings meaning to us. So it is with this beautiful bouquet. The energy and joy of being the mother to my daughter . . . this particular, beautiful human being that God invited me to love . . . is being expressed in the energy of this painting. Remembering how she had carefully wrapped the flowers in brown paper with a bow and I put them in a favorite vase. I think the polka dots on the bottom of the painting express a certain effervescence I feel when I’m with her. Gold and regal with a splash of fun added to them.

One of a kind. Original artwork.

acrylic on 30 x 42 inch panel. framed.

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